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Whats The Difference? Springfield Armory’S Xd And Xd(M) Handguns


Deciding between the XD and XD(M) handguns are often difficult, but this guide will assist you make an informed decision before your purchase. Choosing a handgun that meets your needs may be a top priority, whether you’re an experienced shooter or a beginner. At Springfield Armory, we’re often asked about the differences between the XD and XD(M) models. Overall, they’re both great handguns, counting on your needs. Here may be a quick review of the differences between the XD and therefore the XD(M).


Compared to the XD, the XD(M) generally features a higher magazine capacity and has replaceable back-straps. While both models are reliable firearms, the XD(M) appeals to those wanting more magazine capacity and therefore the choice to customize the firearm. The compact versions of XD(M) include the choice to increase the magazine capacity, a luxury for several gun owners. Both models were designed to expedite the method of disassembly by eliminating extraneous steps, which saves time during maintenance.


There are minor differences between the XD and XD(M). Both are quality handguns, but the XD’s barrels range from 3-5” while the XD(M)’s range is 3.8-5.25”. Both models feature loaded chamber indicators, trigger safety, and grip safety for added precaution.

Weight, Size And Feel

Perhaps the foremost noticeable difference between the XD and XD(M) is that the , size and feel. The frame on the XD(M) are often configured with a smaller grip insert, tuning it to your hand size. The XD line has shorter barrels, are smaller, and more compact, providing a perfect option for those getting to use it as a concealed carry handgun. Otherwise called “human engineering,” the planning of both the XD and XD(M) handguns is supposed to enrich the natural sort of the human hand. The XD and XD(M) lines of pistols were specifically designed to be easily operated and controlled while maintaining a high level of accuracy.


While the XD(M) definitely features a sense of favor and appeal, it’s a special price range than the XD. For reliable handguns during a lower cost range, Springfield Armory’s XD pistol is that the best choice . For a no-holds-barred approach to buying a firearm, the XD(M) is full of additional features at an inexpensive price. the power to customize the XD(M) may be a definite benefit for gun owners who have multiple needs and uses for handguns.

When buying a firearm, confirm to settle on a manufacturer with a proven history of reliability, quality and honesty. For questions or concerns about your next handgun purchase, contact the professionals at SPRINGFIELD ARMORY PISTOLS FOR SALE

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