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What is a Percolator Bong for Weed?


First of all, let’s check out how a bong works. Pack your marijuana within the bowl and lightweight it up. The smoke gets filtered through the water and is pulled through the Bongs tube. The user places his mouth over the mouthpiece, inhales, and gets pretty stoned if he does a couple of hits! When someone refers to a ‘percolator bong’ or a ‘water pipe,’ they’re merely talking a few bong with a percolator attached. If you’ve got ever used a bong without a perc, you’ll have experienced a dry hit or a scorched throat. Once you add a percolator to the equation, you enjoy a filtration system that ensures a smoother hit.

There is a good sort of perks on the market (more thereon later), but all of them hack the flow of water to assist calm down the smoke because it moves through the Bongs water chamber. Percolators are typically dome-shaped although there’s an array of outlandishly designed percs now on the market. In essence, a perc is an additional water chamber for your bong, and you normally find it within the bong’s tube. It contains water and is an additional filtering process for weed’s smoke. Once you pull the smoke from your bong, it interacts with water within the bowl. Because the smoke goes up the tube, it interacts with water on a second occasion via the percolator.

This process helps cool and filter the smoke in two ways. First of all, the smoke features a second chance to form contact with the water, which is inevitably getting to help it calm down. The perc enables a bigger area of smoke to succeed in the water which, of course, helps it calm down even more. Secondly, the bubbles get weakened and become smaller because of the pressure within the perc. The result’s a smooth and funky bong hit.

Will a Percolator Enhance the High?

The quick answer is ‘no.’ the aim of a percolator is to chill and filter the smoke for a more pleasurable hit. If you’ve got problems hitting a bong, add a perc to the combination and check out again. It’ll NOT magically increase THC absorption, nor does it bring a more intense high. You might find yourself getting more stoned because the smoothness of the rips allows you to hit your bong more often than you would normally! However, a bong with a percolator actually loses more THC than a bong without a perc. The glass of the additional chamber is liable for the loss. Don’t worry! The reduction in THC is minimal and won’t negatively impact your high. Besides, the smoothness of the hit will cause you to forget all about it!

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