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Types of technology



Technology is developed to be the utilization of the mixture of the knowledge base for implementation or non- theoretical motives; that facilitates the operations and interactions each in our daily lives and industries thanks to custom build workstation.  The easy definition of technology would be one thing that involves our usage in our day-to-day lives; so its conception may be perceived otherwise by every individual.

Unambiguously, it may be referred to like products or techniques that create our lives easier. Technologies may be either eminently easy or extensively difficult starting from the origination of simplest technology just like the wheel or looking tools made from stones by our ancestors until the most recent advanced technology like computers, industrial machines, satellites, etc.

Technology plays a considerable role in delivery regarding transformations and ameliorations in human lives and their environment that is being put under use to innovatively produce ways, products, machinery, or services to progress toward the celestial point of technological advancement. Since a technological isn’t simply an alteration to human lives however also alteration to its surroundings; so all the items around the United States that we tend to see or use in our daily lives are the results of the distinct technological breakthroughs over the ages.


 As the name implies, technology productivity tools are pc software, hardware, and connected systems that change the United States to work additional effectively and efficiently. For instance, pc software like information programs will be used to store and quickly retrieve information; data processing programs will be used to simply edit text material; FAX machines will facilitate the transmission of written documents over long distances; knowledgeable system pc programs will aid in decision making, like weather forecasting; and video conferencing facilities will reduce the requirement for travel.


 Information technologies provide access to information and resources on a large range of topics. The internet and it’s World Wide internet component is the most outstanding example of data technology. The educational Resources info Center (ERIC) is another example. The ERIC system enables individuals to search and find a lot of the world’s educational literature on a given topic. more information regarding the ERIC System is available elsewhere on this electronic computer.

Electronic Technology

 This could be mentioned as the most accustomed technology of the modern Sciences and technologies; using the principle that involves the event and implementation of electrical circuits as the basis in its systems. Most typical examples include TVs, laundry machines, and different electrical appliances and then on. So the fundament suggests that electronics are those that run on electricity.

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