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Top 5 Best YouTube to MP4 Converters Online

  1. OnlineVideoConverter.com

OnlineVideoConverter.com may be a free and fast online YouTube to MP4 converter which will convert YouTube video links or downloaded YouTube video files to MP4 videos with top quality . you are doing not got to install any program, and you’ll start the conversion process only with several mouse clicks: paste the YouTube URL link, choose the MP4 format and click on the “START” button. It offers advanced options for you to settle on the video quality and trim the video. Other portals like Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc. and other output formats like AVI, WMV, MP3, etc. also are supported.

2. Converto.io

Converto.io is another free YouTube downloader online and converter which will convert YouTube links to MP4 videos and MP3 audio files. When converting YouTube to MP4, it allows you to the resolution and size (you even can choose 1080p) you would like and alter the file name; when converting YouTube videos to MP3, it provides a preview window for users to chop the video conveniently and allows you to edit the ID3 tags. So it might be an honest choice if you would like a YouTube to MP4 converter with the feature of making MP3 audio files, you’ll choose Converto.io.

3. Youtubemp4

Youtubemp4 is that the easiest YouTube to MP4 converter online which doesn’t provide any advanced tools aside from the various download links with different resolutions. you only got to copy and paste the video link to the input field, click the “CONVERT” button and choose the download link you would like . It comes with a YouTube video window, which enables you to observe the video on its site. Unlike other online converters which include many ads, the page of YOUTUBEMP4 is clean and you can’t find any ad thereon .

4. Convert2mp3.net

Convert2mp3.net isn’t only an MP3 converter but also a superb online YouTube to MP4 converter. Similar with other online converters, it can convert YouTube video links to MP4 with different resolutions (up to 1080p). But it also comes with an enquiry engine, which allows you to look the videos on YouTube directly. Besides MP4, it can convert YouTube URL links to AVI, WMV, 3GP, MP3, AAC and more also .

5. Ontiva.com

Ontiva may be a free YouTube to MP4 downloader and converter that gives tons of download options. With Ontiva.com, you’ll convert YouTube videos to MP4 videos starting from 144p to 1080p. apart from MP4 format, it can also convert YouTube files and links to other video formats like AVI, WEBM, 3GP, MKV, MOV, and even DVD format. Many other sites like Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter and more are supported.

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