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Top 5 Best Novelty Glass Bongs


1. 5″ doughnut Theme Dab Rig

Do you have a dearest with a knotty appetency and a forte alike? This donut-themed resound provides them the most effective of each world. Extra-thick intoxicating glass makes up a high-quality resound excellent for dry herb and concentrates alike. At just 6.5″ tall, it’s compact enough to hide however distinguished enough to square out amidst the interior decoration of a way. Meanwhile, a bent neck and 90-degree angle joint create smoking atop the table a simple venture, no matter your friend’s capabilities could also be. If we tend to had any words of recommendation, it might be to relish this doughnut rig right aboard your pal (if they allow you to, that is).

2. 80’s cellular phoneRetro Glass resounds

Whether as Associate in Nursing respect to your friend’s age or a testament to their singularity, there is a fun glass resound that may perpetually be successful. With a chunky retro cellular phone style, it is simple to forget this Brick is truly a functioning resound. In the middle of a hard and fast downstem diffuse coffeepot, breathing through the increasing mouthpiece are going to be a real joy. A 14mm feminine joint and a male insert of constant size bring utility to the forefront. over sewn with durable glass and in person analyzed by our Puffing Bird team, there is no denying the standard of this fun and purposeful resound. For more detail about this topic so click this link Enail Kit

3. Penis Novelty Glass resounds

Now we’re very entering into the thick of it! there is no reason to elucidate the gaiety of this resound, as it’s pretty apparent from 1st look. This phallic-themed resound could be a excellent gift for those friends World Health Organization grasp simply wherever to seek out the fun bits of  life. Crafted from extremely capable salt glass, this clear resound options a removable down stem and a 45-degree angle joint. there is even a medium-sized carb hole to boost air flow as you inhale. Whether or not as a present for a cool friend or Associate in nursing addition to your own wavy house, a phallus resound hits all the correct spots…no pun supposed.

4. Pineapple Themed resound

For those folks in your life with a relentless looking for the tropics, there is a novelty resound which will satisfy what they are seeking in an exceedingly new means. This resound options a pineapple style, and it’s got the bells and whistles of a top quality piece to travel on. A life-size glass duplicate of a pineapple, this resound could be a true creative masterpiece. colored intoxicating glass showcases characteristics like a bent neck, circular mouthpiece and 90-degree angle joint, all of that area unit elements of a well-executed setup. With a 10″ height, 4.24″ base dimension and even a hard and fast down stem, your friend are going to be quite happy to form use of this gem.

5. Pokémon Ball Glass resound

Nerds and cannabis enthusiasts, unite! This 10″ poke ball-themed glass resound provides you the most effective of each worlds, and is bound to impress your fellow nerds with each get-together. With a beaker base dimension of quite 4″ Associate in Nursing an extra-thick glass construction, this resound could be a durable one. thus too will it escort a removable mouthpiece and down stem, feminine joint and increasing mouthpiece. A intoxicating coffeepot systematically keeps the hits swish, and dual-purpose capabilities permit you to modify between dabs and flower at a moment’s notice. All in all, you will be doing a great deal quite gazing this gem of a resound.

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