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Importance of Plate load test or Plate bearing test?


The importance of plate load test lies upon the factors because it helps in determining the simplest sort of foundation. As just in case if the safe bearing capacity (SBC) of the soil is a smaller amount , then we’d like to adopt foundation and just in case if the soil conditions are detrimental then we’d like to perform analysis of the soil as per recommendations. Know more detail about this topic visit here this link cbr testing service, soil testing

Varieties in Plate load test and their durations:-

Plate load test is performed under two variations:

1) Gravity load test (Reaction Loading method)
2) Reaction truss method

The total duration required to perform an entire test varies from 6-7 days which incorporates installations, test, dismantling. The results of the test just in case ” just in case of sentimental strata are often obtained within a few of hours whereas in case of hard strata it’d take on the brink of a couple of days.

Plate Load Test:-

1.Gravity load test

In this sort of method, a rigid platform is employed to transfer loads through loading of sandbags or concrete blocks. These blocks and sandbags act as a dead weight, and whole arrangement rests upon vertical columns. The hydraulic jack is provided in between the rigid plate and top of the column to transfer the load properly.

2.Reaction truss method

In this method, the reaction generated through jack is borne by reaction truss installed over it. The undesirable movement of truss is controlled by soil anchors or nails fixed into the soil with the assistance of hammers. the foremost commonly observed truss is formed of low-carbon steel sections. so as to curb later movement, truss is locked with guy ropes.

Plate Load test calculation:

  • The results obtained through test are plotted over the logarithmic graph with loads over the x-axis and settlement over y-axis.
  • Ultimate load for the plate are often determined through plots on the graph, which is sort of almost like the settlement of plate by 1/5th of width.
  • The point at which the graph curve obtained through plots breaks are often wont to determine the last word load of the plate, which on later are often utilized to work out ultimate bearing and safe bearing capacity of the soil.
  • The safe bearing capacity of soil is calculated by dividing ultimate bearing capacity with factor of safety 2 or 3.
  • The image below shows four typical curves applied to different soils.

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