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How to Play Cricket?


Cricket may be a sport that has been derived back to the first sixteenth century and has been fashionable ever since. The top of the international game comes within the variety of the Cricket tournament. Alternative major events embrace the T20 tourney, take a look at Series and someday series. Every country runs a bunch of domestic competitions all extremely competitive. Cricket may be a game that needs physical lightness to bat, bowl, and field. 2 groups of eleven players every play at just the once. a group of rules was designed for the sport by ICC. These are constant for each man and girls players. the sport begins with captains of each group and matches referee gathering for a toss. The toss-winning captain is allowed to elect to bat/field 1st. This method is the same across all formats. However, the code and fielding restrictions vary by format.

It’s necessary for players to wear all white for a matched game, and colored tees and trousers for ODI and T20. Though there are more rules in cricket than in several alternative sports, it well prices some time learning them because it may be a most appreciated sport. Whether or not you want to play within the yard with a mate or be part of a club Cricket-Rules can assist you to learn the fundamentals and start to fancy one among the foremost fashionable sports within the world.


Let’s play! A quick Match


  • Two batsmen from the batting-side and eleven players from the fielding-side take positions. 2 umpires conjointly are part of them on the sphere. One stands at the pitch and therefore the alternative on leg-side.
  • Suppose A and B are 2 groups taking part in a restricted over a match. Captain of A wins the toss and elects to bat 1st.
  • The game starts with bowler from B team bowling to the primary batsman of a team. They’re typically known as gap-bowler and opening batsman. The primary 2 batsmen are known as openers as they begin the innings of their team.
  • The batsmen hit the balls bowled at them and score runs. Fielders commit to stop the balls that were hit and even catch them to induce the batsmen out.
  • Each bowler bowls six legal deliveries to decision it an over.
  • The bowling and batting finish modification once each over. The non-striker at the top of each over becomes the striker of subsequent over.
  • The cricketer needs to change ends once the completion of every over. In general, the keeper stands far away from stumps once a quick bowler is bowling and nearer to stumps once a spinner is in action.

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