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How the JUUL System Compares to Other Vaporizers and E-Cigarette Kits


For adult smokers curious about moving off from cigarettes to vaping electronic cigarettes, the sheer range of product alternatives may be confusing to navigate. The myriad choices, customizations, and refined differences not to say batteries, coils, tanks can be intimidating for adult smokers WHO merely need the move off from cigarettes.

What specifically could be a vapor alternative? E-cigarettes (or vaporizers, vapor smoke, vape pens, box mods) area unit usually transportable powered devices that use a heating sprayer to remodel “e-liquid” into vapor, that is inhaled . The e-liquid could be a typically a mix of vasoconstrictor, antifreeze and vegetable glycerol, usually with flavorings.

How is that the JUUL system different?

The JUUL Story

James Monsees and Adam Bowen, WHO met as style students at Stanford, had been smokers for several years. once they might notice no real various to cigarettes, James and Adam recognized a groundbreaking chance to use industrial style and technological innovations to disrupt the industry, that had not materially evolved in over 100 years. The result was the JUUL PODS BULK system.

The JUUL System vs different Vaporizers and E-Cigarette Kits

JUUL Device

The JUUL Device includes a USB Charging Dock and one year restricted assurance. JUUL devices area unit accessible in Silver or Slate.

Why the JUUL system is that the market’s best vapor various to smoking

The JUUL system could be a straightforward, intuitive, and easy-to-use device. we have a tendency to believe that adult smokers curious about moving off from cigarettes ought to be offered high-quality alternatives as a result of satisfaction could be a key element to supporting their transition to vapor. In an endeavor to serve existing adult smokers, our approach to vaporization technology is exclusive compared to different merchandise on the market.

How the JUUL System is completely different

The JUUL system is not like different vaporizer or e-cigarette as a result of it’s associate degree easy-to-use device that gives a true various to cigarettes. The JUUL system features a straightforward look and feel, that at once distinguished the JUUL system from initial generation e-cigarettes. It departed from the “round white stick” of these devices and introduced a brand new, flattened, high-technology approach. It includes associate degree easy-to insert, rotatable, pod that couples to a compact, device body.

The JUUL system features a range of innovative technological options, together with its heater atomization technology that gives a regulated constituent to assist guarantee consistent delivery. this implies that whether or not you inhale in brief puffs or deep attracts, the vapor is meant to be invariably close to a perfect temperature. The JUUL system uses a proprietary vasoconstrictor liquid formulation, together with carboxylic acid, a present organic acid, that once vaporised and inhaled , provides the user with a delivery of vasoconstrictor that’s competitive with, however but, cigarettes. The JUUL system was designed and is meant to be simple to use to form moving off from smoke use as convenient as doable.

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